About US

FinZ Center is a Kuwaiti owned and operated dive business since 2006 in Kuwait. We offer professional scuba diving training, leisure weekend diving trips and dive holiday.


FinZ Center staff  are authorized Instructors from the most popular diving organizations in the world The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), and ranked as PADI Five Star Dive Center.


FinZ Center had trained over 600 Open water Divers and other Diving professionals, specialized and leadership diving levels up to Instructor level.


Below is the list of FinZ Center Services for non-divers, snorkelers and Professional Certified Scuba Divers:


- Try Diving – No Experience required.

- Scuba Diving Training Courses ( from Open Water level upto Instructor level).

- PADI online (e-learning) Courses.

- Day Dive Trips and Snorkeling Trips.

- Scuba Diving Trips membership (Special Packages)

- Fishing Cruises.

- Islands Trips and Cruises.

- Reef/ Coral Watch Course.

- Equipment Rental and Sales (Exclusive agent for Diving equipment from USA and Italy and Austria).

- Reef Clean-up and Marine Conservation.


FinZ Center offer individuals the most professional training which enables the interested individual to obtain an internationally recognized certificate locally within the comfort of his home.


In most of our training courses, the attendant will learn the skills required of a knowledgeable Scuba Diver, such as:


- Principles of Scuba Diving.

- Equipment Assemply & Disassembly.

- Safety precautions and Techniques.

- Condined Water Dives.

- Open Water Dives.

- Underwater Diving Technique.


While the list of Courses FinZ Center Offers:


- PADI Seal Team Program.

- PADI Bubble Maker Program.

- Discover Scuba Program.

- Open Water Diver Course.

- Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

- Emergency First Aid & CPR Course.

- Rescue Diver Course.

- Master Scuba Diver Course.

- Divemaster Course

- Different Types of Specialties.